What is premarital counseling?

Premarital counseling is geared toward couples who are preparing for marriage. Starting your marriage off on the right foot requires discussing issues such as what kind of family you grew up in, how you handle conflict, and how you communicate.

How can it benefit me?

Research shows that participation in premarital education is associated with higher levels of satisfaction and commitment in marriage, lower levels of conflict, and reduced chances of divorce (Stanley et al., 2006).

Is it the same as couples therapy?

No. Premarital counseling takes place over a brief amount of time (usually 3-5 sessions) and is about establishing a good foundation for a healthy relationship. In contrast, couples therapy can last longer depending on the needs and goals of the couple. That type of therapy focuses more on helping couples work through current issues.

What can you expect?

We will meet together in my private office in Denver for 3-5 sessions. We will discuss topics related to marriage, including family history, decision-making, finances, and communication. Each session will last about an hour. If desired, we can work together through an evidence-based couples assessment to help clarify your strengths as a couple and identify potential areas of growth.